Organized Chaos

If that doesn't look like fun, I don't know what does. Josh delivers another Sunday Funday workout.


AMLAP - As many laps as possible

A track (roughly 30 meters long) was delineated around the inside of the gym.  The inside of the oval track was divided into four equal zones.  Each zone contained five workout stations: a medicine ball (20#) for ball slams, dumbbells (25/35) for push press, abmat for sit-ups, a push up station, and set of paralletes for pass-throughs. The zones also contained a rowing machine. Teams of three were created based on the order that they finished 15 burpees for time and assigned to one of the four zones.  Each teammate starts at one of the five workout stations.  They each complete 10 reps of that exercise then run a lap around the track and then rotate to the next station. They do 10 reps at the new station then run another lap and rotate, continuing until each teammate has done 10 reps at each of the five stations.  If one teammate finishes their five stations before the others they can run laps until the others finish.  Once everyone is done, the team rows 1000 meters alternating rowers every 10 pulls.  After the 1k Row the team starts over at the five stations. This continues for 20 minutes.  The score is the total number of laps run.

Programming: Josh