PhotobucketSteph V. looking like she's in the zone. Tara adds pull ups to the classic row/bench combination, solid workout. Workout:

Work up to one heavy set of 5 Bench (your 3x5 weight)


5 Rounds:

250m row sprint

5 bench (70-80% of 1 x 5)

Chose either 3 weighted dead hang / 5 dead hang/ 7 C2B / or 9 kip

Programming: Tara


Our very own Kalae Miles is teaching a free Ukulele Class for youths ages 8-17

Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm

March 7th - May 30th

Kalae has taught ukulele over the past 20 years in Hawaii and throughout the West Coast.

Contact the Boys and Girls club of Santa Cruz with any questions

831-423-3138 ext 22