A Good Few

photo-1448Shana, Flo, Steph, Larisa, Stacy, Kerrie, Rowena and Angi. A few of the wonderful ladies from CSCC.Workout:

20 minute AMRAP:

Sprint to ivy and back (~60 total meters)  15 med ball (14/20 #) reps (their choice of one of three movements each round)  Sprint to ivy and back  30 seconds rest (they are responsible for timing the rest)    The three choices they have are: 1) med ball sit ups, 2) med ball cleans, or 3) wall balls.   Each round they can pick whichever movement they want but have to do all fifteen reps of a single movement. The score is completed rounds, if they are mid round at the end of twenty minutes they can finish that round.  Runs should be sprinted since they have built in rest.

Programming: Josh