Some cool shots of turkish get up work and the 10 round workout. Todays workout was a great one to apply the idea of modifying or scaling. Looking at the clapping push up and chest to bar pull up, a lot of people may see those movements and be intimidated or think they would not be able to perform any variation of either. When you break down the clapping push up for example, whether you are getting air off the ground with a clap, barely getting air between your hands and the ground or are just pushing your self up off the ground explosively, we are all doing essentially the same thing. Some may be a little higher or lower than others, but that's true for everything. There's always someone who can jump on a higher box than you, and it works the other way too. As long as your jumping, whether its on tall box, the small box, or over a crack in the ground, that's all that matters. Workout:

Work up to a heavy set of Turkish Get Up


10 Rounds:

6 DB Power Snatch

5 Clapping Push Up

4 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Programming: Tara