In Between Time

What do you do during your rest breaks between sets?  Do you pace around?  Do you assess your previous set?  Do you visualize your next set?  Do you have a routine or ritual?  How you spend this time in between sets is very important in the outcome of your lift.  One simple approach that may help involves two things, visualization and attention.  
In between your sets you could visualize a successful lift, one that felt really good.  Incorporating the most amount of sensations in this image will theoretically make it more effective.  For example in a clean, you could imagine the bar feeling great off the ground in your hook grip, your timing is perfect through the middle and the bar hits that sweet spot on your legs and flys up, you get your elbows around beautifully and your legs feel strong standing it up.
After you've visualized/felt that lift, all of your attention goes to the bar.  There are no thoughts about anything.  This attention you may notice starts to create an intense feeling through your body.  Once you feel that psych-up start to happen, approach the bar and perform the lift.  
The main idea here is to keep you out of your own way.  Many of you know, the one things that holds us back from performing at our best is not our physical capabilities, it's psychological.  If you can keep your mind totally focused on the bar, you can be sure the mind will at least stay out of your way.

Here's a nice photo of everyone enjoying themselves a little sit down in between sets.


3 Deadlifts EMOM for 5 minutes

13 minute ladder:

SDHP (75/55#)
Toe 2 Bar
*4 prowler push (15 yards up and back = 1 prowler push) buy in (270/180#) and 2 prowler push @ minute 7

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