Is My Modify Helping The Modified?

Alison does some great strict chest to bar pull ups in the video, while Carmen demonstrates with Hailey how to assist the same movement.  Carmen was giving a big picture perspective to everyone at 6am for the strict pull up work.  She was saying how everyone should be doing the same movement, the only difference is the amount of assistance.  That view can really be applied to every movement we do.  Even something like the muscle up where we actually do other movements when modifying, the big picture outlook is that the movements you're scaling to should directly or indirectly be strengthening the movement your modifying.  It's an important question to consider; is my modification helping me strengthen the movement I'm modifying?  If you feel like you're unsure or don't think it is, ask a trainer to help you find one that will.


3 x 3 chest to bar pull ups with 3 second hold at the top

6 rounds:
1st minute: prowler push + 10 toe to bar
2nd minute: row (200/250m)
3rd minute: 15 burpee