Striving For Validity And Reliability

Going forward with these board workouts (are you excited?) we want to establish as much validity and reliability as possible with the tests.  That means having standards of movement (validity), similar to The Open, and being consistent (reliability) across the board.
The first test is a simple one - one rep max shoulder press.  The first video here is of Connor completing two good reps.  The second video is of Connor completing bad reps with common faults - rebound out of the bottom, knee movement, and not controlling the bar locked out overhead with extended knees and hips for a moment.  
The purpose of "the board workouts" is for a little extra motivation.  We hope that everyone can look at these tests as a way to challenge personal improvement and growth, regardless of whose name ends up on the board.  I know I've started cleaning up my diet a bit more, have you???    
Reminder:  Please let us know if you'd like to make the press or 2K row up this week.  You must check-in with Gary, Annie, or Helene to set up a time.  THANK YOU - let's have some fun!!


3 Rounds:
5x:  2 DB hang clean 3 DB thruster 4 DB front-rack lunges
3 rope climbs
600 meter run
3 prowler push (50/90lb) (up and back = 30 meters)