It is very important when training for health and longevity to listen to your body.  To be clear, this does not apply to competitors.  That may even be the main difference between the two.  As a competitor, there are times when you push it even if you know you may be risking injury or long term health.  On the other end, as a health seeker, if your body is telling you to rest, stay off your ankle, or get out of bed etc., listen.  
Sprinting is a good example of this.  We want to be as in tune and honest as possible with our bodies before performing a max effort like this. Pushing your body to the max is a great adaptive stimulus, but it must be an aware decision.  Competitors (not all) push these limits on a regular basis, not for health and longevity, but for an outcome.  The general health seeker should be more focused on the process of fitness, and not the result.  In order to be completely in the process of physical health and fitness - arguably the most important factor in this is your ability to listen.  Be honest with yourself, shhhh and listen to your body.  
Side note - Greg Glassman has talked about this idea of listening to your body.  If I'm not mistaken he says pretty much the opposite thing :)  If anyone is aware of his stance, I would love to discuss the idea.  Comment below!
Here is Paul and Doug pushing their prowler sprints.

***Saturday (6/9) 9AM Beach Workout ***
7 and 10am workouts at the gym ONLY
There's still time to sign up for beach workout.  Must let Gary know before Thursday.


2 Rounds:
30 second prowler sprint (15 meters up, 15 meters back)
4.5 minutes rest
1 minute rest
8 minute AMRAP:
10 KBS (35/53lb)
10 KB lunges
*50 sit ups must be completed anyhow during the 8 minutes.
1 minute rest
10 minute row for meters