What's Worse Than A Maneater??

A Kettlebell Maneater!!

Congratulations to all the CFSCC competitors this weekend! Team CRSC finished 5th at the French Throwdown, Becca finished 10th in the RX Division and Collette finished 3rd in the 50-54 year old female division of the Northern California Classic!! What incredible representation for our gym!!

Fourth of July Schedule:
7, 8:30 10am and FitEx ONLY
NO 6am Friday, July 5th


Two teams of four:
Clock set to sound every :90 seconds for 18 minutes.
Each round one member of each team will bike for 10/15 calories.
While they are biking the other teammates AMRAP at one of three of the following stations until the opposing teams biker finishes:
1) kettle bell maneaters (26/35’s)
2) prowler figure eights (15m course)
3) sand bag lifts (70/100). Bags are lifted onto a 30” box then rolled under a bench and lifted onto another box.
Teams get 1 point per rep of each movement. Teammates rotate a different person onto the bike each round.