1336702700There are many staple workouts in Crossfit, famous for their remarkable difficulty. Fran, Helen and Nancy are a few that jump out. Outside of these and other benchmark workouts, what are some other staple workouts or movements you can think of? Anything with dumbbell thrusters? Row sprints? Tabata pushup seems like a good one, here's the 5p.m. class trying to accomplish the ever difficult low number hold.Workout:

Row 1000m

Rest  time it took to complete the row

Row 750m

Rest time it took to complete the row

Row 500m


full round tabata pushups and squats

Programming: Helene

Saturday June 9th CFSCC will be participating in the Crossfit For Hope Fundraiser.
This fundraiser will help support the operating costs of St. Jude’s Hospital, which services children with cancer and other deadly diseases.
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