All About The Dip

An effective/efficient push press, and more specifically in our workout today the dumbbell push press, depends greatly on the positioning of the dip. It is crucial to make sure the dip is into the heels, with the chest in the same vertical position it started. It proves to be more difficult to hit that position for most people with a narrow stance. Moving your feet a little wider, more to a squat stance, makes it easier to hit that correct dip position, without losing any potential force development through the legs. Check out this video showing proper and improper dip movements. Workout:

30, 20 or 10 Handstand Push Ups for time

3 Rounds: 12 DB Push Press (25/35#) 8 Pull Up 3 Rounds: 12 Burpee 8 DB Push Press 3 Rounds: 12 Pull Up 8 Burpee 

If you haven’t heard already, Crossfit Santa Cruz Central’s very own Rowena Arnold has moved in! That’s right, and she’s having an open house partay this week! Speaking from experience, there’s no better place then the Derma Bella chair, that goes to all you guys out there too! See details about the open house below.  photo RASignature_zps20dc5773.png  photo Instagram_zps6fa68d93.jpg

You’re invited to an Open House Party!

Wednesday April 24th 6-8pm

Come take a tour and learn what Derma Bella Skin Studio is all about. Complimentary skin scope analysis and mini make up demo’s. Huge prizes for raffle drawings including skin care, makeup and a Derma Bella Facial Treatment totalling over $500. It wouldn’t be a party without Aldo’s new gluten free cupcakes and some bubbly! No RSVP required. Bring a friend!